The History of the Tire Rim Republic

The Tire Rim Republic was founded circa 1991 by its present co- presidents, Johnson Smith and Daniel Fairchild (the programmer of this page). The nation is entirely contained within the town of Harkness, New York. Although at the present time the total poulation is six, and we are not yet recognized by the international community, or even the United States, we hope to expand our territory and eventually become a sovereign nation. As of this moment, you can apply for citizenship in the Tire Rim Republic by filling out the form reached by following the link found beneath this message.

A message from Co-President Daniel Fairchild

IMPORTANT: If, for some reason, anyone out there thinks that the Tire Rim Republic is some sort of white supremacy group or militia, it isn't. We have no interest whatsoever in armed combat or rebellion, and we are not going to try to overthrow the United States government. In other words, if you are interested in starting a revolution, go somewhere else.

To apply for citizenship in the Tire Rim Republic, click here.

The Tire Rim Republic

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Here are some of the important statistics of the Tire Rim Republic.

Approx. 11 Acres
Primary Religion:
Lustig Worship
Military Strength:
2 Troops
$10 U.S.

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